Friday, April 18, 2014

Flexi Tank advantages

                                           Pillow shape Flexi tank in filled condition

Easily collapsible & foldable 


Easy to clean and are repairable

Light in weight

Quick setup & relocate anywhere 

Storage capacity 500 liters to 50000 liters

Customization available

Available in flexible pillow design & flexible onion design

Available in Drinking water & non Drinking water storage (PU/PVC)

Different range of GSM available for various applications can withstand temperatures from -20°~ +70° 

Flexi Tanks can be made available for storage of any LIQUID (as per customer requirement) and are made of PVC or PU depending on application.


                                        Pillow shape Flexi tank in empty condition

                                           Onion shaped PU flexi tank


  • Design Benefits :
      Unique seamless construction for safe liquid transport
      Lightweight, Easy to install & remove
      Environmentally friendly, fully recyclable
      Food Grade and Quality Controlled                                                          
  • Transport & Logistics Benefits:
      Quick, simple fitting – saves loading time and cost.
      Easy to load and discharge
      Product handling versatility with increased payload performance
      Compatible with non-hazardous chemicals
  • Cost Benefits :
      Reduced labour costs of handling, filling and loading
      More economical than ISO tankers, non-collapsible drums and totes
      Higher payloads possible with flexitank’s low weight
      Lower shipping costs.
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